Weight Loss

The key to weight loss is a good functioning digestive system, (going to the bathroom after EACH MEAL!) (see "COLON HYDROTHERAPY"). Often times candida and parasites are present as well as hormonal imbalances in people who are not able to loose weight. One has to test for all of the above conditions.

In order to have a successful weight loss program the following factors are crucial according to Birgit's thirty year expertise:

1. A persons willingness to really want to loose the weight no matter what it takes.
2. A very motivational nutritional coach.
3. A series of colon hydrotherapy sessions.
4. A real good nutritional program (see nutrition).
5. A good supplemental program.
6. Edgar Cayce remedies.
7. A candida test, a parasite test, a chemical test, a hormone test, a thyroid test.
8. Counseling on emotional and stress related eating patterns.
9. Hypnosis
a. Suggestive hypnotherapy for balanced eating patterns.
b. Regression therapy for traumas that can trigger unbalanced eating in the present.

All the above have to be combined for any weight loss program to be truly successful and permanent. For further detailed information get the Brigit Krome Detox and Weight Loss Program. A five hour documentary that includes testimonials of people who have successfully completed this program and who have lost  forty to ninety pounds permanently.