Brigit's professionalism, compassion and inspirational nature are an asset to anyone looking to take their diet and wellness to the next level. She holds herself and her facilities to the highest standards and will work with you to ensure you get the results you are looking for. Whether you are new to this kind of work or if it is a regular part of your program, you couldn't ask for a better partner than Brigit.




I have a chronic lung condition. In terms of my health my job is to manage it so that it doesn’t get worse and doesn’t interfere with my life. Sometimes it does flare up and last year when it did I asked Brigit for help. She has an arsenal of health promoting systems and treatments. Her focus is on improving a patients health and maintaining good health.

She explained the infrared heat treatment and applied it with a heat wand. In the beginning I had this infrared treatment twice a week and later once a week as I became stronger. And finally once every other week as things improved. As she was able to apply an increasingly warm wand in the treatment, I became stronger.

I cannot explain the physical mechanics of how these treatments work. I addition, Birgit helped me fine tune my diet with a health smoothie and discussions about nutrition. She also introduced me to a quantum energy daily treatment. After 4 or 5 months I was back to my normal and (knock on wood) I have been healthy ever since.

Birgit is a gifted healer. She is devoted to her patients and is dedicated to searching for methods to treat her patients. I believe her treatments of heat, nutrition and a quantum energy system have boosted my immune system and made my lungs stronger. I am grateful that she is in my life.

Ginny Howsam Friedman



For years I had been meditating, pursuing personal development, and spiritual growth, attending countless workshops, retreats, and seminars. Although I made good progress and became a better, happier version of my former self, something was still missing.

I couldn't put my finger on it until I met Brigit Krome at a spa where she was setting up shop. We spoke for only a few minutes and by the end of the interchange I realized that I had finally been shown the light. In her charming, humble, and non-assuming way Brigit solved the puzzle in one sentence.

"Right now, you are carrying pounds and pounds of undigested, hardened fecal matter in your colon, and until you deal with that problem you will not experience optimal health and vibrant well-being."

Lightning struck!

It was so obvious. I had devoted so much time to purifying my heart and my head through wonderful spiritual practices, but I had NEVER even considered purifying that part of my body that existed below my belt-line. I was feeling incomplete because I had inadvertently ignored that aspect of myself.

I signed up for sessions right away and had my first colonic with Brigit on the first day she started working at the spa. The treatment was professional, gentle, and effective. Brigit applied castor oil on my belly, which she explained, softens the colon and makes it more receptive to the treatment. 

For the next hour she massaged my abdomen with the oil, applied a heating pad, and added more oil, and while she was working on me she gave me important tips about exercise and nutrition—a free counseling session that distracted me from the procedure. 

The hour flew by and the results were stellar! The "stuff" that came out during the session startled me. But even more incredible was the feeling of release, cleansing, and well-being that I felt afterwards. 

Although I had been eating well and exercising prior to my session with Brigit, I still had a hardened bulge of fat around my belly that I could not get rid of no matter what I did. But after each colonic session that bulge shrank. I would look in the mirror, and smile. The shape of my body was clearly improving, reverting back to it's natural shape—the way I looked when I was a teenager.

Brigit is right: the secret of longevity, beauty, and well-being is a healthy colon.

When I think of Brigit's positive influence on my life, my heart swells up with gratitude. I consider her work to be sacred work. She is a priestess of the "underworld," tasked with purifying the nether reaches of the bowels, the colon—a passage that is often clogged by the excesses of our indulgences and the unprocessed, unnatural foods that accumulate like garbage in a stream. 

With care and professionalism, Brigit massages my belly as I feel water gently streaming into my colon. As she presses down on my abdomen I feel deadened impurities break apart. Pressure builds as the matter loosens and flows out of me. I exhale feeling cleansed. If that's not a spiritual experience of the highest order, I don't know what is.

I entrusted my "overburdened" colon into Brigit's hands, and using a mix of gentle streams of water, castor oil massage, and healing intuition she helped me loosen all the stubborn, hardened weight that was stuck internally and to realize vibrant health. Brigit, you are a miracle worker!




I have been going to Brigit for about 4 years, I tried to do colon cleansing with pills, it  just does not work the same, I knew I had to do something, I had severe acid reflux as well as burning sensation on my sides, sweating and breaking out  like a teenager that just hit puberty:) always feeling sluggish and out of breath, Brigit definitely has made a major impact on my quality of life. it is not just colonic but taking the supplements that will get your body back in balance (acidopholis, enzymes, mover and castor oil packs)  I 'm not a vegetarian and still eat meat (less and less) I'm not into any of this new age stuff, But this is just common sense! I have never felt or looked healthier in my life ! Brigit is very caring and is dedicated to helping people live longer and healthier lives and for that I will always be grateful. Thanks Brigit




I have come across a distinguished human being who through her craft has helped to empower my health in such a paramount manner that I am inspirit to declare henceforth. In Birgit Krome you will find professional eloquence, nourishing guidance, enthusiastic motivation, caring personage, thirty years of expertise, moreover superlative intellect in her field of profession. She has aided my supernal power within to completely vanquish constipation, acid reflux, painful bowel movements, insomnia, depression. fatigue, harmful parasites and worms that inhabited my body, and relentless anger stored in my liver. In addition, the motion of embracing Birgit's notable program fulfilled my goal of unloading one hundred pounds off my physique manifesting a stronger, healthier, vibrant new person in the epoch of one and a half years.

Now I will expound in particular about the parasites and worms that had thrived inside of my body. To my astonishment Birgit explained that she is a dowser. My second thought was loaded with skepticism! After I recollected myself I realized that I am in the midst of a full fulbright scholar and there is tangibility to this. I decided to take a leap of faith. She dowsed me for worms and parasites and she came up with the conclusion that I was infested with different parasites and certain worms of which she recommended I perform a test with an M.D to confirm and I did. Commencement on her parasite and de-worming cleanse took full throttle. In a matter of weeks I began feeling certain sensations throughout my body as if I was perceiving the movement of these critters traveling underneath my skin I vigorously reported to Birgit.

 Be on alert for they have been weaken and are trying to escape their annihilation she proclaimed. I tried to block my observance of this frenzy but I could not as their panic increased. Then I felt this uncomfortable outward and inward movement at my anus and I fell into revulsion as I realized they where trying to evacuate the mighty onslaught of Birgit's herbal concoction. An embattled urge to scratch my anus ensued as a irksome itch was made present by this exodus. I tossed and turned unable to sleep then cried out to the almighty to deliver me from the beast. With immediacy I jumped onto the toilet seat and expelled a bowel movement with the expectancy to rise in victory! I stood up completely overtaken by shock as I witnessed a toilet bowel full of anguished worms milky in color along with long strands of mucus like beings. For a moment I could not  believe these creatures lived inside of me. Immersed in elation I flushed and waved goodbye to a former part of yours truly! Afterwards a serene peace flowed through me and I became still. In wonderment I called Birgit she congratulated me and confirmed that my previous dietary habits of eating raw meat, sushi, other non beneficial behaviors, additionally rescuing cats from the wild and keeping them as pets could have contributed to the antecedent condition. This is just one of many overthrows of disease that I have accomplished with the help of Birgit, I can write at volumes if I mentioned the rest.

Furthermore Birgit has also introduced other advantageous healthful suggestions such as coffee enemas, and living foods which assertively influenced my weight, my energy level and my well being tremendously! On top of that she kindly informed me of which foods I should eat and what foods to stand clear of. The great discernment is all the living foods and blended drinks taste delicious besides I was not forced into a deprivation diet as a matter of fact Birgit told me I could eat as much as I wanted. I truly champion Birgit's program as her agenda has proven to be a triumphant lifeline. You helped to liberate my soul from a diseased body! I strongly thank you for life and I look forward to my next colonic.

David Cabrera.


Birgit is a great healer with keen intuition and she sees the whole picture and deals with the whole person. She goes to the root cause. After my own encounter with the life changing illness I started seeing her.

She gave me a series of colonics to get rid of the toxic waste and also helped me by intuitively seeing things in my system that most doctors wouldn't see or even consider. She also addresses the emotional reasons for illness. She has been a great presence in my life.

Susanne Smith (Actress)



I have been seeing Birgit for almost a year now. I came to her with a condition known as a "severe cervical dysplasia" a pre-cancerous condition in my cervics. I was told that I would have to have surgery to remove the abnormal cells in my cervics with a month long recovery process. I decided that I wanted to see if I could treat it naturally first and get retested. Through a series of colonics, Hanna Kroeger herbs, a "Living Foods Diet", Oxygen therapy and a changed outlook on life I cured my cervical dysplasia in 8 months. Birgit has been the one who help me choose my regime and encourage me to go forward. Birgit's ongoing enthusiastic personality made the whole process very comfortable. I not only consider her my colonic therapist, but a friend who I look forward to seeing.

Jen Mazer (Artist)



As a visual artist with an ever-expanding clientele I am fascinated by the correlation between ridding ones body of parasites on the physical level and ridding one's energy field and personal environment of unhelpful people on the energetic level. Birgit Krome makes the potentially awkward process of "colonics" into a positive, hopeful adventure.

Anny, painter, New York



I have been going to Birgit Krome for colonic for one year and she is absolutely fabulous. Her treatment rooms are immaculately clean and colorful and Birgit herself is a very kind, flamboyant woman, always talking and ready to give advise on a variety of subjects. Birgit is very knowledgeable on nutrition and herbs, and has helped many people, including myself, feel and look better. A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body and Birgit will help restore your colon to its optimal sate.

Daniela Durrani, New York City



Best Colonic In Midtown Manhattan!

I have been visiting Birgit for over 10 years and she is my go to therapist for colonics and nutritional guidance on the East Coast.

After visiting multiple colonic therapists in Manhattan before finding Birgit, the level of service and skilled expertise I have received with her is unmatched. Colonics are more of a personal service and it takes a special kind of soul to patiently walk you through the process. Birgit not only excels at that but is also full of knowledge on overall nutritional wellness that has changed my life. She is a teacher, not a preacher, and has helped me slowly restructure my diet to one that best suits MY lifestyle, rather than one that fits a certain structured mold. That kind of flexibility has resulted in a renewed nutritional path and sustainable weight loss for me. Her infrared treatments have also been a great supplement to my treatments and have helped with body temperature regulation, weight loss and permanently removing overall bloating in my abdominal area.

Birgit is a woman full of high energy and a very clear compassion for helping others—that kind of positive energy radiates from her the minute you walk into her room and puts you in a very calming state for a service that has a stigmatism for not being all that calming. 100% highly recommended!