Ear Candling

Ear candling is an ancient healing technique that has been used in many cultures such as China, Mexico, and Italy. We use a hallow candle which is placed in the person's ear and lit at the opposite end. The flame then creates a vacuum which sucks out dirt, wax, poisons as well as fungi, and bacteria. All or some of this accumulates for years causing hearing problems, itching, and can be a contributing factor to equilibrium problems. Ear candling also helps children with ear infections. The procedure is very relaxing and soothing.

Ear candling improves the following conditions:
1. Unclogs the ears from dirt and wax.
2. Helps to relieve itching.
3. Helps to improve nasal congestion as well as eyesight.
4. Helps to clear the head when experiencing headaches from the flu.
5. Helps to relieve humming sounds in the ears.
6. Helps to remove stuck stuff out of the ears (ex. pieces of ear plugs).
7. Helps to shift blockages in the energy body especially when combined with chakra balancing and  polarity therapy.

How often should ear candling be done?
In general two times a year. For hearing problems more sessions are required.

We combine the ear candling sessions with cranial sacral work, which helps to bring the cranial bones back to their natural rhythm. This totally relaxes the entire body and is very balancing especially in times of stress. We also include polarity balancing as well as chakra work during the ear candling sessions.