About Birgit

A native of Germany, Birgit studied social work in Cologne and received her MSW. Being very young she decided to further study psychology and nutrition at the University of Bielefeld. She specialized in studying the "raw organic food life style" according to Dr. M.O. Bruker, a German medical doctor amongst others. She then decided to further her studies some more and applied for a "Fulbright Scholarship". She arrived in New York on a Fulbright Scholarship for group psychotherapy at Hunter College where she studied for two years. Parallel to this she studied Polarity Therapy for three years at the Polarity Wellness Center and became a certified "Polarity Wellness Educator" as well as a colon hydro therapist. The colon hydrotherapy training was a side branch of the polarity wellness training program and lasted one year. It was lead and supervised by a doctor. Birgit also became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and taught yoga for several years.

After having worked at the Polarity Wellness Center, she then established her own holistic practice in New York City, focusing on detoxification, nutrition, and weight loss. Over the past 41 years she has grown into a well respected health care professional, working with all kinds of conditions such as weight loss, chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, candida, parasites, and chemical detoxification to name a few.

During that time she also studied the living foods lifestyle with Dr. Ann Wigmore. In addition she also studied herbs, homeopathy, and dowsing, specifically for parasites, candida and chemicals with a world renowned healer named Hanna Kroeger in Bolder Colorado. She flew to Bolder every summer for more than 12 years to study with Hanna Kroeger in person, learning Hanna's amazing healing methods and expertise of 60 years. Hanna's work deeply influenced Birgit's already existing practice in New York and added a lot more knowledge to her most valued work. Hanna's background in working with German medical doctors during the second world war and her blend of having studied over 40 years with the Native American Indians, Kahuna's and lot's of other non-traditional healers made her one of the most unusual, exceptional, knowledgeable, unparalleled holistic healers.

Birgit feels very privileged to have been a student of such a high caliber healer and is implementing Hanna's teachings with her clients. After Hanna's death Birgit has been studying at the Edgar Cayce Institute studying the teachings of another high caliber healer, teacher, psychic named Edgar Cayce. He was called the "sleeping prophet" and was the most prolific psychic in the western world. In a hypnotic sleeping state he was able to access the akashic records and gave a very accurate reading about a persons physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health as well as suggestions to heal a persons condition which worked  miraculously in most cases. Birgit has been studying the Edgar Cayce material for more than 15 years. Birgit is certified in the Edgar Cayce method of colon hydrotherapy. This is her second colon hydrotherapy certification. It is based on the readings and teachings of Edgar Cayce who recommended colon hydrotherapy for a variety of physical conditions. The course was taught at the A.R.E. She also is a "WAY SHOWER", a title given to people trained in intuitive psychic development at the A.R.E.. After having finished intensive psychic studies herself, she is helping other people to develop their own intuition. She has been assisting as a "WAY SHOWER" at two major psychic development classes for the past ten years at the A.R.E., one being called the "LEGACY" a psychic development conference, the second one being called the "Intuitive Imagination" held at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach VA.

She combines all of the above expertise in her own truly unique, and enthusiastic style to help her clients regain optimum health with lot's of motivational coaching.

She has appeared on several television programs on channels such as MTV, FOX 5, WPIX, countless magazines and radio shows. For the past 25 years she has been lecturing at holistic expo's in New York City.

She has completed filming her first documentary on detoxification, weight loss, cleansing, and nutrition which is available to the public. To be followed by a raw food preparation DVD titled "Birgit's Raw Food Cleanse" as well as "Make It Up & Make It Happen" a DVD on how to manifest perfect health, perfect weight, happy relationships, and prosperity. Live trailers for all DVD's are available for viewing on her web-site.